Cover of the book 'The Pieces In-Between'

"She was one of the most infamous women in history, but do you really know her story?

The dismissed, second daughter of a rising courtier, Anne Boleyn is a beautiful and cultured young woman, newly returned to England from her service at the French court of Francis I. Promised in marriage to a far-away Irish earl, Anne decides to forge her own path to love and advantage. But even the most careful plans can quickly be destroyed at the Tudor court.

While Anne's destiny hangs in the balance, calamity strikes, throwing her into a downward tumult that seems unstoppable. But, the sudden attentions of a most unlikely suitor promise to change everything for Anne, and is sure to create a story that will echo through eternity. As Anne begins to soar at the English court, she is forced to choose between her honour and the sticky political bonds of Henry VIII's court.

She must make a decision. Be the woman she was meant to be? Or bow beneath the weight of her new position? Only she holds the key."

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