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June 2016

You’re not crazy. You came from a dysfunctional home.

When we take off the rose-tinted glasses of childhood, many of us find ourselves looking into the abyss of a broken upbringing. Childhood trauma, the juvenile exploits of our parents, and even unaddressed mental illness can destroy the baselines we build as children. And they can go a long way to create the negative patterns…

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Stop letting your partner take advantage of you

Astrong relationship is one in which both partners stand united, equal in their contributions to themselves and to one another. When one partner begins to give more than they take (and vice versa) it leads to a serious imbalance of power and the inevitable resentment that all emotional dismissal brings. We can build better, more…

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Don’t push your positive thinking too far

Positive thinking can be powerful, but it can also be limiting and destructive too. While any successful endeavor we undertake requires a certain amount of positivity, it also requires realism. We can be stunted in our personal and professional growth by an overwhelm of positive thinking, or the belief that our positive thinking alone will…

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Start sticking up for yourself and do it now

It’s not always easy to stand up for what we want or what we believe in. Pressure is higher than ever to be liked and accepted by the people around us, but we rarely ask ourselves at what cost. Fitting in is only as worthwhile as the support, transformation and growth it offers you. If…

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